Fort Stewart, Georgia
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Scheduled appointment with Oxford Heating and Air to replace my AC compressor. There was no discussion about a disposal fee or an acceptable method of payment.

I have always paid for service through AHS using a check without any problems. When the service employee comes (Saturday) to install, he tells me that there is a disposal fee of $150. I am confused because this is the first time I'm hearing about a disposal fee. Servicer calls his office and knocks $50 off price.

Servicer then tells me he needs to collect the payment before installs compressor. I ask to speak to manager, and servicer says he can't give out number. I have servicer call manager. Instead of handing my the phone he walks away and talks to manager for about 2 minutes.

He hands me his phone and manager says it's company policy to collect payment before service begins. I ask for a copy of company policy. That's when the yelling match begins. All I wanted was a copy of the company policy.

Manager tell me that she can hand write that information and fax to me on Monday. I told her no and requested copy of actual company policy. I tell manager that I have a check here waiting to pay when servicer is ready to haul off the compressor. She tell me that they only accept cash for non-covered service.

I didn't have $100 cash in house. Manager tells me that if I don't have cash, then service will not be performed. Family has been without air for over a month and temp gets to 90 degrees in home. Manager wouldn't even work with me or make an exception.

It was their fault since they did not explain any policy or procedure when appointment was set. I still don't have any air and it is June 2013 in Southeast GA.

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