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Was giving appointment. 2 weeks out From Oxford heating and air been waiting since 10 o'clock 4 o'clock no one shows up and cannot make calls to them because high volume calls and sometimes every call you come ons and my phone didn't reach and then the phone ago busy you cannot leave a message because your answer machine is full they tell me to go online 2 oz for heating and air.com and they will get in touch with me that way so I tried several times and I got nobody Call Home Shield they left messages 3 times no one called them it is way after 4 o'clock and no call from Oxford heating and air me to call back to American Home Shield explain my situation they try one more time to leave a message with them I told me if they don't come out tomorrow to give him a call back you would think I have appointment two weeks out which is the 26th of this month I should have somebody out here regardless of the time or some I will give me a crusie call let me know the running late or something happens

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Atlanta, Georgia, United States #848317

I have had the same experience with this horrible company. Have a leak that is causing water damage; Oxford Heating and Air is one of the contractors my home warranty company uses.

Was supposed to treat this as an emergency, but called to schedule an appointment two days out. When I asked about availability for the next day, the scheduler told me she would check and call back. Never called back, so I called and no one was available. So I emailed.

No one emailed me or called me back as requested in my email. Finally got someone on the phone the next day who informed me the first scheduler had never booked any appointment, and I'd now have to wait 3 additional days for an appointment. When I mentioned it was their fault that I had no appointment, they were unwilling to do anything but basically tell me I was out of luck and it was take it or leave it with the new, much later appointment time.

I have now had to call and report this to my home warranty company. I would never use this horrible, unreliable company again and will always request that my home warranty company schedules any appointments with a more reliable, customer-friendly establishment.

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